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Fireclay Butler Sink - New Zealand Warranty

Fireclay Sinks - Warranty

Fireclay sinks are extremely durable and hardwearing, as such warrants that your new fireclay sink will not crack through normal usage. Further warrants that all fireclay sinks sold are warranted against "thermal shock".

Thermal Shock

Thermal shock is a phenomena that occurs when boiling water is applied to a cold surface causing the base material to fracture and crack. Thermal shock damage is a sign of an inferior fireclay product failing, as such all fireclay products are warranted not to crack or fracture as a result of thermal shock.

Fireclay is a hard wearing ceramic designed by Victorians to withstand the daily demands of a Victorian kitchen, as such fireclay will withstand cast iron pots and pans being washed within.

All fireclay sinks carry a ten year warranty protecting against thermal shock.


Similar to concrete fireclay is very durable however not impervious to chips if the right force and tool is used. Fireclay will stand up to normal usage however chips whilst unlikely may occur if excessive force is applied to the ceramic sink via a cooking pot or pan with significant weight and force. Chips are not covered under warranty.

To guarantee chips will never occur we would recommend using a sink grid inside your chosen fireclay sink - grids are available and can be viewed under the accessory section of this site.


Your fireclay sink has a thick lustrous glaze that adds to the beauty of your new fireclay sink, the quality of the glaze is paramount to the longevity of your sink and differentiates from inferior products.

Glaze Warranty products are final glazed to ensure the lustrous finish associated with high quality ceramics is maintained for many years.

The glaze protects your sink against pigmentation penetration staining that may be caused by red wine, beetroot or other food substances with colour. Clay is porous and consequently it is essential that the glaze protects the sub material from discolouration.

Subject to normal usage and being cleaned in line with specified cleaning instructions, all fireclay products carry a ten year glaze warranty to ensure your new sink maintains its lustrous new look for many years of enjoyment.

Document updated 01.11.16

Warranty applies to all purchases from document date inclusive forward. Previous purchases are covered by the terms and conditions at time of purchase. For further assistance regarding warranties please contact customer service on 0800 424 279