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Belfast Sinks New Zealand And Australia is proudly New Zealand's premier farmhouse butler belfast kitchen sink supplier. Operating locally for over 15 years, we have built a reputation for being a trusted supplier of high quality English country styled kitchen sinks.

We are proudly part of the OKAB group which operates in over the UK, Australia and America, so if you would like to look at the wide range of sinks available globally through our wider network please enjoy exploring the wider world of Belfast kitchen sinks offered through the on line kitchen and bathroom group of companies.

Belfast sinks Australia

Our sister company is based in Australia so if you are wanting to recommend us to your friends or relatives in OZ, have stumbled on our website and are living in Australia or simply want to see what is on offer just over the water please feel free to visit our Australian sister site.

Belfast sinks U.K

Belfast Sinks UK - Our UK division proudly services England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland from our Midlands distribution and client services division. All that is available within New Zealand is manufactured and stocked in the UK along with from time to time an early insight into what is about to land in our N.Z.shores.

If you have family in the UK that want to buy one of quality sinks or you have stumbled across our New Zealand site and are in the U.K. please feel free to visit your U.K. local store.